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Re: new feature, pserver configuration file support

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Re: new feature, pserver configuration file support

Arthur de Jong writes:
- On Tue, 2011-10-04 at 19:02 -0500, Eric Schnoebelen wrote:
- > Attached is an implementation to add support for the pserver
- > configuration file that was added in CVS 1.12.??.
- Thanks for the patch. Perhaps it would be slightly nicer to introduce a
- CvsCommandArgs option. That option would, in contrast to CvsArgs insert
- options after the pserver command.
- What do you think?

I considered that as well, but [p]server currently support only
one option, "-c <config file>", so the extra functionality
seemed a bit pointless.

In any event, most of the patch is useful for adding
CvsCommandArgs as well as the CvsConfig option I created.


Eric Schnoebelen       
            I used to suffer from multiple personality disorder.
                      However, we're much better now...
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