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Re: Large number of repositories.

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Re: Large number of repositories.

On Fri, 2012-05-25 at 14:49 -0400, Lummoxx wrote:
> Hi, I run a large CVS installation, where there are so many CVS
> repositories (numbers in the thousands), that the resulting command:
> "cvs -f --allow-root=/cvspath/repo1 --allow-root=/cvspath/repo2 ...
> pserver" ...results in the argument length too long.
> Was wondering if cvsd can handle this situation for me?

There is nothing that cvsd can do that easily fixes this problem because
it just runs the cvs command (it doesn't look inside the pserver

However, cvsd internally supports building a command line that is
arbitrarily long (unlike some inetd implementations) so the only
restriction should be the execve() system call. The maximum number of
arguments supported (or maximum complete command line) are very
OS-specific. For example it seems that Linux 2.6.23 and later support
much longer command lines than earlier versions.

I haven't use cvs in a while but it should also be possible to combine

-- arthur - - --
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