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Re: Manually access my files stored by cvsd

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Re: Manually access my files stored by cvsd

Michael Sullivan writes:
- [....], is there any way to get at my
- files?  I can see them in the filesystem, but all the filenames end in
- ',v'.  Is there some easy way to remove the version tags?

You can use cvs(1) directly on the repository tree.  

        cvs -d /<path to repository>/ [command]

will allow the same sort of access cvsd(8) allowed, only going
through the filesystem rather than the network.

If the files are corrupted such that cvs(1) can't process them,
you can try using the rcs suite of tools. (ci(1), co(1), rcs(1),
rcsdiff(1), etc.)

Eric Schnoebelen       
            "I got rid of my husband.  The cat was allergic."
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