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release 0.7.5 of nss-pam-ldapd

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release 0.7.5 of nss-pam-ldapd

Release 0.7.5 has just been made available as a quick update to 0.7.4 to
mainly fix an annoying bug when using the minimum_uid PAM option and
includes some improvements to the PAM module (20% code reduction with
new features added).

A summary of the changes since 0.7.4:
* fix a problem in the session handling of the PAM module if the
  minimum_uid option was used
* refactor the PAM module code to be simpler and better maintainable
* perform logging from PAM module to syslog and support the debug option
  to log more information

More information on this release can be found at:

Any feedback is still very much appreciated and thanks go out to those
people that have provided ideas and patches.

-- arthur - - --
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