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release 0.7.16 of nss-pam-ldapd

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release 0.7.16 of nss-pam-ldapd

This is an update for the 0.7 series that fixes a few minor bugs and
includes a few small improvements. The changes should be minimal and
have mostly been available in the 0.8 branch for some time.

A summary of the changes since 0.7.15:
* implement proper range checking of numeric values returned from LDAP
  (thanks Jakub Hrozek)
* fix an issue with detecting the uid of the calling process
* fix a problem in the disconnect logic code
* fix logging of invalid pam_authz_search value
* properly log failures to lookup DNS SRV records
* increase buffer for pam_authz_search as suggested by Chris J Arges
* the Debian packaging was split from the main source tree

More information can be found at:

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