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release 0.8.12 of nss-pam-ldapd

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release 0.8.12 of nss-pam-ldapd

This is an update for the 0.8 series that includes a few bug fixes and
improvements. This should be a reasonably stable and well tested

A summary of the changes since 0.8.11:

* fix a problem with the sasl_canonicalize option that would cause
  errors on non-SASL enabled systems
* ensure that the file descriptors in the NSS and PAM modules for
  connecting to nslcd are closed on exec in the process
* allow attribute options in attribute mapping expressions
* show reconnect messages when failing over to a different LDAP server
  or re-establishing the connection to an LDAP server (the message
  accidentally got hidden in 0.7.4)
* fix a problem with the pw_class attribute in FreeBSD (fixes 0.8.11)
* more fixes and improvements for Solaris (running under nscd may still
  give problems though)
* small improvement to PAM error logging
* provide a pynslcd manual page if pynslcd is built

More information can be found at:

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