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nss-pam-ldapd annotated tag 0.9.1 created. 0.9.1

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nss-pam-ldapd annotated tag 0.9.1 created. 0.9.1

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "nss-pam-ldapd".

The annotated tag, 0.9.1 has been created
        at  7017d4d53afe3d7971b2748efb6c1458243801e3 (tag)
   tagging  890d2271c6f89049c5f74e52f35bf67fd80a5fab (commit)
  replaces  0.9.0
 tagged by  Arthur de Jong
        on  Sun Aug 25 23:21:04 2013 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Release 0.9.1
Version: GnuPG v1.4.14 (GNU/Linux)


Arthur de Jong (62):
      Fix the way manual pages are installed
      Install utilities in share/nslcd-utils
      Fix getting caller's uid on password change (pynslcd)
      Set FD_CLOEXEC on the client socket in utilities
      Raise an error with a missing old password on password modification
      Python style changes
      Ignore errors in opening NSS module
      Make tests for system call failures a little more robustly
      Add an explicit cast to int in lookup_shadow
      Upgrade to automake 1.13
      Fix nscd cache flushing bug in pynslcd
      Allow invalidating the nfsidmap cache
      Rename nscd_invalidate option to reconnect_invalidate
      Make cache invalidation more generic
      Fix errors in invalidator changes
      Merge fixes for reconnect_invalidate option
      Test Python syntax on make check
      Dcoumentation updates
      Have test_pycompile not write any pyc files
      Have configure show --disable-utils by default
      Properly handle start_tls in pynslcd
      Implement PAM session handling in pynslcd
      Implement config request handling in pynslcd
      Fix handling of pam_password_prohibit_message in pynslcd
      Handle the nss_initgroups_ignoreusers option in pynslcd
      Handle the nss_min_uid option in pynslcd
      Use cleaner import and get rid of uid2dn function in pynslcd
      Fix missing part of d659e83
      Move cache table creation to modules
      Explicitly define tables used for cache
      Give cache tables friendlier names
      Make Cache a context manager
      Use retrieve_by, group_by and group_columns in the cache
      Implement tests for caching functionality
      Improvements to pynslcd caching functionality
      -n switch for pynslcd
      Document -n, --nofork option
      Implement an option to run in the foreground
      Do not log passwords in pynslcd
      Run xmlto on manual pages as part of the tests
      Rename isvalidname() to is_valid_name() in pynslcd
      Run pylint as a test
      Improve error and help output of getent command
      Update files from test environment
      Fix not logging passwords in pynslcd (7108b1f)
      Fix rootpwmodpw handling in pynslcd
      Small fix in NEW_AUTHTOK_REQD handling
      Add cast to int when logging configuration summary
      Return partial shadow information to non-root users
      Implement function for resetting reconnect times
      Handle SIGUSR1 by resetting the retry timer
      Retry LDAP servers quickly after receiving SIGUSR1
      Have pynslcd handle mapped userPassword
      Update files from latest automake
      Add a test for the manual pages
      Ignore SIGUSR2 for future compatibility
      Rearrange Python imports
      Add configure test for Python modules
      Only run pynslcd tests if it is enabled
      Handle failure of getpeercred more gracefully
      Have a nicer way of generating the ChangeLog
      Get files ready for 0.9.1 release

Caleb Callaway (1):
      -n switch for nslcd (prevents process from forking)


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