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Re: Questions: Recursive group lookup

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Re: Questions: Recursive group lookup

Arthur de Jong hacked:

> One thing that stopped me from implementing this is that the reverse
> lookup (NSLCD_ACTION_GROUP_BYMEMBER) can be tricky and slow (also has to
> be recursive).

The only way (to really catch all) I see is to (recursively)
getmembers() all known groups, maybe with some less exclusions before,
but... That sounds *heavy*. Though I remember some setting in the PADL
modules about the initgroup implementation being recursive or not, and
the performance loss. It could be that this is the only way.

> Anyway, thanks for looking into this. I know this is a feature that is
> used in some environments.

I have such a setup here at home, that's why I recognized this missing
feature (the PADL module does it).

Jan "TheBonsai" Schampera
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