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option for administrator DN?

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option for administrator DN?

Recently [0] I implemented changing a user's password by root. The root
user is prompted for the LDAP server's administrator password instead of
their own. The nslcd daemon currently uses the admindn option to
indicate which administrator account to use.

The problem is that I'm not overly happy with the name of the option.
Perhaps rootdn or rootbinddn is more logical. The first is used in
slapd.conf and the second in nss_ldap and pam_ldap but has a slightly
different use.

I'm seeking opinions on the name of this option.

Btw, because of the architecture the root user needs to be prompted for
a password (the PAM module needs to provide sufficient credentials to
nslcd, otherwise anyone could change any LDAP password).


-- arthur - - --
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