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PAM configuration file

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PAM configuration file

I've gathered from the nss-pam-ldap documentation that most of the old 
libpam-ldap configuration options (managed by
/etc/ldap.conf on Ubuntu/Debian) have been removed.  Other than the pam_ldap 
man page, which appears to list a few
supported pam.d module arguments, the only options I could find which have been 
preserved from libpam-ldap were in the
NEWS file, and consist of:

 * deref
 * ssl
 * ldap_version

Is it safe to say that other than these, none of the old options in 
/etc/ldap.conf used by libpam-ldap are supported
with libpam-ldapd (e.g., the pam_filter option, which restricts access to TTY's 
based on group memberships)?  I just
wanted to verify so I know what functionality will have to be offloaded to 
another part of the system/application.


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