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attmap_get_value() and optional attributes

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attmap_get_value() and optional attributes

We ran into this in testing today: when nslcd tries to read the values
for an optional, mappable, attribute for an entry, and the no value is
found, the buffer which is used to hold the return value isn't cleared.

A client then gets whatever happened to be in that space earlier as the
attribute value.  In this case, it was a posixAccount entry with no
loginShell value.


Store an empty string in the passed-in buffer, even if we don't manage to get
the desired value from the entry.

Index: nslcd/attmap.c
--- nslcd/attmap.c      (revision 1110)
+++ nslcd/attmap.c      (working copy)
@@ -254,6 +254,8 @@
 MUST_USE const char *attmap_get_value(MYLDAP_ENTRY *entry,const char 
*attr,char *buffer,size_t buflen)
   const char **values;
+  if (buflen > 0)
+    buffer[0]='\0';
   /* for simple values just return the attribute */
   if (attr[0]!='"')
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