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Empty passwords

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Empty passwords

nss-pam-ldapd allows people to login against an eDirectory server
regardless of their password as long as they type an empty password.

eDirectory assumes that binds with an empty password are anonymous
binds, so binds with empty or NULL passwords always succeed.  Hence
logins with an empty password always succeed.  This anonymous access is
meant to have limited rights, and should certainly not allow you to log in.

I would assume that PAM's nullok option might intervene, but it
doesn't.  With nullok not set you can still login.  I don't think that
nullok would work as intended here either: it's supposed to allow empty
passwords if the password server has an empty password for that user.

The attached patch just dumps empty passwords on the floor.  (yes, this
patch is against 0.7.3, not 0.7.6)

The correct patch would check eDirectory's response to find out if it
resulted in an anonymous (restricted access) bind.  Maybe the correct
solution is to play with minimum_uid or somesuch.


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