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Re: Change password as root

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Re: Change password as root

Thanks for the reply, I may give nscd another go, at the moment i am looking
at seeing how much effort it is to install an openldap client server on each
host. If it is easy i may go that way. My problem is that currently using
libnss_ldap libpam_ldap the passwd program will change passwords of users
without prompting for their password. This is needed as we allow not only
admins to change passwords. We also allow admins of our customer via a sudo
privilege to change passwords of users whom they control via group
memberships. We can not be giving out the admin main password for this task
nor can we be responsible for resetting passwords of all our client

Do you have any other ideas which may help?

There's this option:

rootpwmoddn: Specifies the distinguished name to use when the root user tries to modify a user’s password using the PAM module. The PAM module prompts the user for the admin password instead of the user’s password.


Rogerio de Carvalho Bastos

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