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sudo-ldap support

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sudo-ldap support


newer versions of sudo (sudo-ldap with ldap support enabled) use 
/etc/ldap.conf to configure basic ldap settings. The format is basically the 
same as the old pam-ldap (the new nslcd.conf) format. sudo just added some 
directives like:

    sudoers_base    dc=ldap,dc=domain

Other options such as "uri", "ldap_version", "ssl", etc. were copied. sudo 
ignores unknown options like the new option "rootpwmoddn".

It would be nice if nss-pam-ldapd would do the same and ignore unknown options 
or recognize the sudo options. This way the configuration files could be 
identical or could be link. Currently nss-pam-ldapd terminates with an error 
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