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Re: nslcd eats up all memory

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Re: nslcd eats up all memory

On Tue, 2010-11-23 at 15:32 -0500, Ryan Steele wrote:
> As someone who has also observed this in production and is working on
> - thus far fruitlessly - debugging it, I just wanted to say that the
> apology is appreciated but not necessary.  You have traditionally been
> very responsive to the community, and respectfully cordial on top of
> it, and should be commended for your efforts instead of feeling
> obligated to offer apologies.  Most of us using FOSS software know (or
> should, though that is unfortunately not always the case) that we do
> so without any implied warranty or fitness for purpose, and it is
> quite admirable when FOSS project authors/contributors put forth
> efforts equivalent to or exceeding those who would otherwise charge
> for them.

Thanks. ;)

I believe I tracked it down to a bug in OpenLDAP. I reported it as
ITS#6744 [0]. I've not yet tracked down where in the OpenLDAP source
code it is.


-- arthur - - --
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