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Re: Solaris 10 Compilation Issues - patch included

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Re: Solaris 10 Compilation Issues - patch included

On 15/03/11 07:29 AM, Arthur de Jong wrote:
On Sun, 2011-03-13 at 08:08 +1100, Peter Bray wrote:
Attached are two truss output that contain ioctl() with errors, but
this does not happen on every run, which suppose matches the output

Thanks for the truss output.

I finally managed to get this issue fixed. I had to install Solaris
though (putting a spare disk in my workstation which took much more time
than actually finding and fixing the bug). The error was in a call to
select() with an incorrect timeout parameter (I think truss didn't catch
it because the check is probably in code that is run before the actual
system call is done). The value in microseconds could end up being too
large in some cases.

Anyway, it was a one character fix:

I tested the repo (r1394) and it worked fine after reapplying the __assert_fail() patches to tests/test_tio.c tests/test_getpeercred.c.

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