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[FIX] nslcd 0.7.x and large gidNumbers

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[FIX] nslcd 0.7.x and large gidNumbers


I encountered a problemwith nslcd and large gidNumbers. On version 0.7.5 
(scientific linux 6 and i assume others), large gid's in from passwd lookups 
get truncated, so for a user:

uid: username
uidNumber: 1412600003
gidNumber: 1412600003

the gidNumber would get truncated to 141260000

This presents itself as an error of 'id: cannot find name for group ID 
141260000' when the user logs in.

It looks like the buffer for the gidNumber is too small for the number. The 
attached patch increases the buffer size to allow for longer gidNumbers. I'm 
not sure if there is an actual limit defined for gidNumbers, so i made it 15 
characters, and it seems to work.

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