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[PATCH][RFC] set socket timeout for SSL handshake

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[PATCH][RFC] set socket timeout for SSL handshake


while testing nslcd's timeout settings I created a situation, where nslcd would wait forever.

This happens, when you configure SSL and the server side accept()s your connection but does not answer the SSL HELLO.

To test this, you can use netcat:

    nc -l -p 636

and configure nslcd against ldaps://localhost

I created the attached patch, to set SEND and RCV timeouts on the socket, after connect() is called, but before SSL takes over.

That way, nslcd recieves an error while bind()ing and moves on to the next server.

The patch is still somewhat rough around the edges, but I'd like to get some feedback before going further down this road. Especially if something like this would be accepted.



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