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Re: ldap_result() timing out despite no "timelimit"

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Re: ldap_result() timing out despite no "timelimit"

On Mon, 2011-09-19 at 14:01 -0600, Jason J. W. Williams wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm seeing regular intervals where nscld emits a "ldap_result timed out" 
> error:
> While I'm debugging this on the server, one thing that is confusing is
> why NSLCD would be timing out at all since the docs
> ( say unless
> "timelimit" is specified it will wait infinitely. Is my reading of the
> docs correct?

I must say that I also see this in rare occasions (but not on all
systems), though not as frequent as you.

The problem is that there are a large number of timeout settings that
could affect LDAP operations and they may not always have wait
indefinitely as default value.

There are at least the network timeouts but also the search timelimit
that is enforced by the server and requested by the client. This error
should not occur if no timelimit option is specified or it is 0 in
nslcd.conf. From the ldap_result() manual page it seems that it is the
timeout used for the select() system call.

If you can get more debugging info from one of these timeouts happening
I would be very interested.

-- arthur - - --
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