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Re: combine pam-usb and pam-ldapd ?

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Re: combine pam-usb and pam-ldapd ?

Am 12.12.2011 06:12, schrieb Hatem Nassrat:

On Sun, Dec 11, 2011 at 10:04 PM, Tim White <
<weirdit [at]>> wrote:

    On 12/12/11 06:38, Arthur de Jong wrote:

            I would really want to have users authenticated by a private
            key on a
            usb stick, with/without a password.


    Correctly setup, PAM is designed to be modular. So you can for
    example, use libnss to provide all the passwd/group information, and
    then use pam_usb to attempt to authenticate, and then failback to
    libpam_ldapd on failure. Do some reading into pam (man pam, man
    pam.conf) and

I believe what he is trying to do is to store the public keys in ldap
somehow. I think a quicker approach maybe to  use autofs with pam-usb
rather than pam-ldap.

It took me a while to figure out what you are wanting to do, somehow
adding to the ldap schema to add a public key to each user as well as
modifying the pam side to lookup the key and do what pam-usb does. This
does seem like a lot of work though ...

Thanks for the fast replies, Hatem, Tim and Arthur !

Yes, what i want is central user management on the server and easy and secure authentication on clients.

We would create users on the server and issue usb-sticks with keys to employees. The stick contains a secret that together with the secret on the server allows the identification, authentication and login without any user intervention (or alternatively with a password to unlock the key).

pam-usb seems to store one-time pads on the usb-stick, but anything that allows to identify the user in a secure way should suffice.

With the sticks the user can unlock any machine on the network, which then mounts their ~home. Basically its like a smartcard solution, just without smartcard.

Is that possible with existing tools ?


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