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Solaris compile

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Solaris compile


I’ve just joined the list, so hi to all and very happy to discover this project. I’d like to compile nss-pam-ldapd on Solaris 10 but I’m getting a number of issues in the ./configure stages. Before I go and re-invent the wheel I thought I’d ask if there are any special workarounds for doing the above? I have looked through the archives and I see a number of people have been working on this. Is there a separate branch in the repository for Solaris or is it all now merged into one branch?


If someone has a few helpful hints/pointers that would very gratefully received. I’m using Solaris 10 update 9 on SPARC platform. Compiler is gcc and I have openldap installed on the same box. I’m not sure which libraries I should be using but I’m assuming the native Solaris ldap libs should be avoided?


Thanks in advance



Neil McBennett


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