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Re: libpam-ldapd not looking for groups?

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Re: libpam-ldapd not looking for groups?

On Wed, 2012-08-29 at 14:28 +0200, Jorge Suárez de Lis wrote:
> The mapping is there because I'm using groupOfNames instead of
> groupOfUniqueNames LDAP class for groups, so the attribute naming the
> members is named member instead of uniqueMember.

The default mapping has been changed to use the member attribute with
release 0.8.4 so this mapping is no longer required as of that version.

> It seems to me that it won't even try to look for groups. What I am
> doing wrong? I can't see anything relevant to my problem information
> on the docs. I'm probably not understanding how the map option works.

The mapping seems to be correct for the LDAP entry you provided. There
are indeed no group lookups coming into nslcd.

Are you sure /etc/nsswitch.conf is correct? Also, nscd could be causing
problems if it is running. You should disable it while debugging nslcd.

-- arthur - - --
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