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Re: upgrade from 0.8.10 to 0.8.11 breaks configuration

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Re: upgrade from 0.8.10 to 0.8.11 breaks configuration

On Wed, 2012-11-07 at 10:37 +0100, justin wrote:
> Using 0.8.10 is working fine. Once switching to .11 I get following
> error in the debug output.
> nslcd: [8b4567] <passwd="USER"> DEBUG: 
> nslcd: [8b4567] <passwd="USER"> ldap_set_option(LDAP_OPT_X_SASL_NOCANON) 
> failed: Can't contact LDAP server
> nslcd: [8b4567] <passwd="USER"> DEBUG: ldap_unbind()
> nslcd: [8b4567] <passwd="USER"> no available LDAP server found, sleeping 1 
> seconds
> nslcd: [8b4567] <passwd="USER"> DEBUG: ldap_initialize(ldap://......)
> Could I get some help here? Which additional information do you like to see?

I cannot directly reproduce the above problem. A little more information
on your configuration could be helpful. For example, is the LDAP server
specified as an IP address or hostname, which LDAP server are you using,
etc. A bigger part of the debug log could also be helpful.

Also information on your operating system and version of LDAP client
libraries would probably be helpful.

Does setting the sasl_canonicalize option to no have any effect?


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