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?????? nss-pam-ldapd slower than nss_ldap

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?????? nss-pam-ldapd slower than nss_ldap

thanks .

according your reply,  i excuted the command "ldapsearch -x "  , and "lsof | grep ldapsearc" at the same time,
i found that  waiting at UDP connected  status, the reason could be  authentication mode .
 how i configure the  nss-pam-ldapd policy .


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??????: "Arthur de Jong"<>;
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????: Re: nss-pam-ldapd slower than nss_ldap

On Tue, 2013-05-07 at 16:42 +0800, ???? wrote:
> I used yum command to install the ldap_server (version :2.3.43) and,
> the same way to install two ldap_client. the ldapclient_1 version is
> 2.3.43,the ldapclient_2 version is 2.4.23 when i excuted
> authconfig-tui to config the client on ldapclient_2 , it prompted me
> to install nss-pam-ldapd. after all configuretions?? i found that,
> when i excuted the command "ldapsearch -x " on ldapclient_2 was more
> slowly than excuted on ldapclient_2.

The speed of the ldapsearch command should not depend on the
implementation of the LDAP NSS module installed. It could depend on the
LDAP client library used though (but that is completely separate from

It could be that nss-pam-ldapd is slower than nss_ldap in some
scenario's though.

-- arthur - - --

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