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[Patch] Add support for Windows BUILTIN groups

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[Patch] Add support for Windows BUILTIN groups

Hi Arthur,

Here's a very quick and simple patch in order to get Windows BUILTIN
groups when searching a group by gid (RID).
The aim of this patch is to map the gid (gidNumber) to an AD SID RID
between 544 and 552, because in that case the SID prefix is not the
domain's prefix (S-1-5-21-dddddddddd-ddddddddd-ddddddddd) but the
BUILTIN SID prefix (1-5-32).
For example, if you add a user to the Administrators builtin group
(S-1-5-21-544), now you should be able to get this group through nslcd,
instead of having this error message:

$ groups myuser
myuser : Domain Users groups: cannot find name for group ID 544
544 compta pantin

Of course, this could be made in a more configurable way...

Freely yours,


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