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Re: attribute mapping expressions in debian wheezy

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Re: attribute mapping expressions in debian wheezy

On Fri, 2014-03-28 at 11:33 +0100, david manyƩ wrote:
> i'd like to play with attribute mapping expressions in a debian wheezy
> server. in concrete, i'd like to remap the user name in a mail address
> (removing the @ and the domain) as a uid. it seems that this is not
> possible with nslcd but also that it could be done with pynslcd. am i
> right?

The problem is that for the username two kinds of lookups are done:
- given an attribute value, give me the username
- given a username, give me a search filter for the attribute value

This is probably easier to implement in pynslcd, although you still have
to code it. In pynslcd there is a FunctionMapping class that can
probably be used as a starting point (define a function for the forward
lookup and extend mk_filter()).

> also, is there any chance to see pynslcd jumping from debian
> experimental to unstable before the expected november jessie freeze?

I plan to switch to 0.9 a while before the freeze. There is an issue
that I've seen related to the recent change to daemonising nslcd that
caused a start-up failure but haven't tracked it down yet.

After that I'll probably upload to unstable. Note that pynslcd will
still be labelled as experimental.

-- arthur - - --
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