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Re: expired password reset prompt (0.9.2, ppolicy)

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Re: expired password reset prompt (0.9.2, ppolicy)

Arthur de Jong wrote:
> I only get Invalid credentials after the grace logins have expired.

Aha, that sounds promising.  Let me review my policy object; it's
quite possible it isn't set up exactly the way I think it is.

Can you send me the policy object you were testing with,
so I can compare?   IIRC I already sent mine.

> Note that the number of grace logins currently decreases by two each
> time because a second BIND is done to change the password [...]
> There could be some interaction with xdm that is not going
> well. [...]  Can you test with su - p (do su - nobody from root
> first) and see if you have the same behaviour?
> In the Git version I've improved the logging somewhat and made it
> possible to distinguish between a failed login and an expire
> password.  Also, can you check using the Git version?

Will do.
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