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Filtering with pam_authz_search

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Filtering with pam_authz_search

Hi all

I'm trying to filter users with pam_authz_search.
I've some servers on which some customers have to login and some others on 
which they don't.

On my Active Directory, I have 3 groups :
cn=Unix Admins
cn=Unix Operator

On my servers I have the following configuration:
filter          passwd  
map             passwd  uid                     sAMAccountName
map             passwd  uidnumber               uidNumber
map             passwd  homedirectory           unixHomeDirectory
map             passwd  loginshell              loginShell
map             passwd  gecos                   displayName

filter          shadow  
map             shadow  uid                     sAMAccountName
map             shadow  shadowLastChange        pwdLastSet

filter          group   (objectClass=group)

pam_authz_search        (&(objectClass=group)(|(cn=Unix Admins)(cn=Unix 

But when I lookup for users I still see members of group Consulting:
getent passwd*

My linux servers are running Debian wheezy and nslcd version 0.8.10

Thanks in advance and best regards.

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