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Re: Re:- Obtaining login attributes from ldap server

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Re: Re:- Obtaining login attributes from ldap server

On Wed, 2014-06-11 at 15:28 -0700, Karthik Pr wrote:
> i am having trouble obtain user related info (gid, loginshell, home
> directory) from ldap server.

Could you give some more information on the OS and version of
nss-pam-ldapd you have installed?

> My ldap server entry:

Looks reasonable.

> # /etc/nsswitch.conf

Also looks reasonable. Unless there is a particular reason that you are
using compat (e.g. netgroups, NIS or other special constructs
in /etc/passwd or /etc/group) it is better to use files instead.

> Howoever, I see that the pam_ldap library requests only uid and
> uidnumber from ldap server. The attribute list for the request to ldap
> server does not have loginshell or homedirectory.

Does getent passwd karthik return anything? If you run nslcd in debug
mode, does it log anything? Also see
for some debugging pointers.


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