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Re: Naming service daemon check is extremely chatty

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Re: Naming service daemon check is extremely chatty

Anyone please ? 

Is use of 'nslcd -c' prohibited ? 

If there are a 100 accounts allowed tfor hostaccess, the nslcd check actually queries for each of the 100+ accounts before it gives out a success. This type of monitoring would be detrimental.

Thoughts ?

On Fri, Aug 15, 2014 at 1:34 AM, Subu Ayyagari <subu.ayyagari [at]> wrote:
Hi all, 

We are using the daemon check ( nslcd -c ) to monitor the service. 

But what we find is this is extremely chatty. It actually queries every account and returns success in the end.

Additionally it discards any local caching (nscd) and checks all accounts all over again - depending on monitoring frequency.

Is this a known behavior or a bug ? 
Why not check say one account instead of checking all accounts ? 

thoughts ? 

- Subu

subu.ayyagari [at]

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