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Re: Filter by group seens to be not working

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Re: Filter by group seens to be not working

Hello guys,

   With Arthur de Jong sugest I'm cloud get this working.
   If user are not in logonDRAGUNOV group, the ssh window is closed.
   If user are in logonDRAGUNOV group, bash is accessed.

   It returns an error because the group id isn't found on server, but the essential is to filter access by group, and it's working because of your help guys. Thank's a lot :D

   My /etc/nslcd.conf file working configuration is (added pam_authz_search):


uid nslcd
gid ldap


# Tempo de conexao com o ldap
# Default: bind_timelimit 10
bind_timelimit 3

# Tempo de espera pela resposta
# Default: timelimit 0 (espera o resto da vida)
timelimit 60

# Tempo de inatividade da conexao com o ldap para cortar
# Default: Nao cortar
idle_timelimit 600

# Tempo de espera para tentar reconectar
reconnect_sleeptime 1

# Tempo que tenta reconectar, depois da por indisponivel
reconnect_retrytime 10


ssl on
tls_reqcert allow
tls_cacertdir /etc/openldap/cacerts


uri ldaps://


base dc=e-trust,dc=com,dc=br

scope group  sub
scope passwd sub
scope hosts  sub
scope shadow sub

base group  ou=Groups,dc=e-trust,dc=com,dc=br
base passwd ou=People,dc=e-trust,dc=com,dc=br
base hosts  ou=People,dc=e-trust,dc=com,dc=br
base shadow ou=People,dc=e-trust,dc=com,dc=br

filter passwd (objectClass=posixAccount)
filter group  (&(objectClass=posixGroup)(cn=logonDRAGUNOV))

map    group  member memberUID


nss_initgroups_ignoreusers root,ldap,named,avahi,haldaemon,dbus,radvd,tomcat,radiusd,news,mailman,nscd,gdmi,nslcd

pam_authz_search (&(objectClass=posixGroup)(cn=logonDRAGUNOV)(|(memberUid=$username)(memberUid=uid=$username,ou=People,dc=e-trust,dc=com,dc=br)))

On 15/12/2014 17:52, Arthur de Jong wrote:
On Mon, 2014-12-15 at 11:17 -0200, Otavio Campos Velho Gloria wrote:
I believe that my configuration is write, because it's consulting
correctily, but when try to filter by group it's not working. On nslcd
debug I saw that group filter is doing it's job, but even when it
returns no result (user not on this group) the system permits the
Group membership is probably best configured with pam_group.

filter group  (&(objectClass=posixGroup)(cn=logonVISAO))
This means that only groups that match the above filter are found on the
system, it does not mean that only users that match this group can

You should look into pam_authz_search with something like:


Note that this is only applied to authorisation checks are using PAM. I
think this should also work in SSH when using key-based authentication.

dn: cn=logonDRAGUNOV,ou=Groups,dc=e-trust,dc=com,dc=br
objectClass: posixGroup
objectClass: sambaGroupMapping
cn: logonDRAGUNOV
gidNumber: 61208
memberUid: uid=ds,ou=People,dc=e-trust,dc=com,dc=br
memberUid: ds
This is a bit weird. The memberUid attribute should include just the
username. The member (or uniqueMember) attribute is supposed to contain
a DN.

Otávio Campos Velho
Porto Alegre: +55 (51) 2117-1000
São Paulo: +55 (11) 5521-2021

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