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Re: Can't retrieve specific users/groups

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Re: Can't retrieve specific users/groups

On 2015-02-09 14:16, Arthur de Jong wrote:
> It could be that nscd is running and has non-existence of the user
> cached. Run nscd -i passwd and nscd -i group to clear the caches (or
> stop it altogether which is a good idea when debugging).
> To get a little more detail on what is happening, you could run nslcd in
> debug mode (start it manually with the -d option) and watch the output
> when a getent command runs.
> Hope this helps,

Thanks Arthur,

You're right, nscd was getting in my way; when I restarted it the
problem went away. My work colleague has advised uninstalling nscd and
using unscd instead, assuming a caching service is necessary. Given my
configuration (a host authenticating against its local LDAP server via
nslcd), do you recommend running a caching service, and if so, which?

Matthew Cengia
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