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Re: NSS+LDAP+SSH setup with /home shared across several servers

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Re: NSS+LDAP+SSH setup with /home shared across several servers

Am Thu, 7 May 2015 10:17:39 +0200
schrieb Rafael Laboissiere <>:

> Here comes my question: would it be possible to bypass the authtok part 
> of, but keeping all the account information (ids, groups, and 
> login directory) being managed by NSS+LDAP, and proceed with the SSH key 
> pair for authentication?  The advantage of this setup is that users using 
> ssh-agent will not have to type passwords during their sessions.

Yes, this works. You simply use the NSS part, wich provides the account
information. OpenSSH doesn't use the PAM part at all if key
authentication worked anyway.

Just configure nsswitch.conf and nslcd.conf for the LDAP mapping and be

Alrighty then,


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