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Re: getent gid does not return group name

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Re: getent gid does not return group name

On Fri, 6 Nov 2015, Thomas Loimer wrote:
When using
 map group gidNumber objectSid:S-1-5-21-12341...
in /etc/nslcd.conf, then
 getent groupname
correctly returns the group information, including the gid (1234), but
 getent 1234
On 2015-11-07 08:46, Arthur de Jong wrote:

The length of the SID value when using the objectSid mapping really
matters. For the translation from objectSid to gid and uid it should
always just use the last bit only but for constructing the full SID from
the gid or uid the configured value is used.

Hope this helps.

Kind regards,

Thanks for clueing me in, I had to have a closer look at that Sid-business.

To answer my own question: When retrieving information from the ldap-server, I got, e.g.
objectSid:: AAU--base64string---AA==
Decoding that string yielded the Sid-number, with each pair of bytes swapped,
echo AAU--base64string---AA== | base64 -d | od -x
000000 0501 0000 0000 0500 0015 0000 097f 1f75
000020 1c1d 1a1b 2c2d 2a2b
The correct number is then, in hex,
The site
was helpful for me.

Best regards,


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