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failed to get password: authentication error

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failed to get password: authentication error


I'm trying to set up a LDAP authentication on one of my servers using
nss-pam-ldapd/nslcd, but I'm getting an error:

Jun 23 16:36:51 server sshd[13295]: failed to get password:
authentication error

I think I've set up the configuration files properly-

uid nslcd
gid nslcd

uri ldap://

base dc=my,dc=domain

binddn uid=proxy,ou=accounts,ou=my,dc=my,dc=domain

#map passwd userPassword userPassword
#map shadow userPassword userPassword

#filter passwd (memberOf=cn=customGroup,ou=groups,dc=my,dc=domain)

I'm able to get the getent passwd username output:

# getent passwd username

But I cannot authenticate using ssh. Each time I get the error above.
The thing is, the error pops up even before I enter the passord in the
ssh client, may be this will help to understand what exactly is failing.

I've tested the LDAP installation using ldapsearch from the openldap
package, and I can say that I'm able to search the base using both
credentals pair, 'username' and 'proxy'. Both times I got all the
entities using filter (objectClass=*). I've also though that it's the
nslcd filter that is responsible for unsuccessful authentication, and
commented it out, but this didn't help.

How can I investigate what's failing ?

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