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Re: [PATCH] increase hardcoded timeouts

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Re: [PATCH] increase hardcoded timeouts

On Fri, 2016-09-23 at 10:20 -0700, Patrick McLean wrote:
> The current hardcoded timeouts are too small for some high-latency
> overseas links, this patch increases them to levels that work well on
> overseas links.

are only used for the socket communication between the NSS (and PAM)
modules and nslcd. This traffic should not go over the network but
should remain on the same machine (via /var/run/nslcd/socket).

This timeout is mostly used to ensure that if nslcd is hanging not all
applications hang indefinitely and that a hanging application will not
keep nslcd resource open indefinitely.

The network communication between nslcd and the LDAP server can be
tuned with bind_timelimit, timelimit and idle_timelimit in nslcd.conf.

Hope this clarifies things,

-- arthur - - --
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