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Re: nslcd bindpw special characters

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Re: nslcd bindpw special characters

On Mon, 2017-02-13 at 17:02 +0100, Hugo Deprez wrote:
> I just deployed ldap authentification using nslcd. I use an account 
> ldap@domain.local
> My password contain specials characters such as : \ ; and `
> When restarting the daemon :
> nslcd[55418]: [8b4567] <passwd(all)> no available LDAP server found:
> Invalid credentials: Bad file descriptor
> My nslcd version is 0.9.4-3+deb8u2
> Is this a known limitation ?

I don't think special characters need to be escaped for bindpw. The
backslash (\) should only need escaping in attribute mapping
expressions. Having said that, trailing spaces in bindpw are probably
also counted as part of the password. I personally try to avoid \, ', "
and spaces in passwords that need to be configured somewhere.

-- arthur - - --
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