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Cannot login, fatal error at initgroups

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Cannot login, fatal error at initgroups


I'm trying to setup ldap authentication on Ubuntu server 16.04, using `nss-pam-ldapd`. I think the ldap auth part works, but when I try to login, auth.log says,
sshd[27422]: fatal: initgroups: nisarg.jhaveri: Invalid argument

If I set map gidNumber to 100, auth.log says,
sshd[27411]: fatal: seteuid 201302195: Invalid argument

I know that the gid is not in /etc/group. But I believe it should not be required for it to be present there. Am I missing something?

I recently setup another server using `libpam-ldap`, I didn't encounter any similar errors there. Any ideas?

Couple of more outputs that can be useful

$ getent passwd nisarg.jhaveri
nisarg.jhaveri:*:201302195:201302:Nisarg Jhaveri:/home/nisarg.jhaveri:/bin/bash

$ nslcd --version
nss-pam-ldapd 0.9.6

Any ideas? 


Nisarg Jhaveri
નિસર્ગ ઝવેરી
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