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nslcd failures during boot-up

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nslcd failures during boot-up

Hello all,


I am seeing frequent issues with nslcd starting up on boot-up on a Salt server installation at my job. We have lots of servers running nslcd and only this one instance appears to be having this problem more often than not. Out of the last 4 reboots, nslcd failed to start up three of those times.


OS: Ubuntu 14.04.5

Kernel: 4.4.0-83-generic

NSLCD Vers: 0.8.13


Syslog output

Jul 17 16:10:07 ps-saltmaster nslcd[1509]: version 0.8.13 starting

Jul 17 16:10:12 ps-saltmaster nslcd[1509]: accepting connections

Jul 17 16:10:12 ps-saltmaster nslcd[1509]: Libgcrypt notice: state transition Power-On => Fatal-Error

Jul 17 16:10:12 ps-saltmaster nslcd[1509]: Libgcrypt error: fatal error in file visibility.c, line 1283, function gcry_create_nonce: called in non-operational state

Jul 17 16:10:12 ps-saltmaster nslcd[1509]: Libgcrypt terminated the application


I have applied all available repo updates as of today and the problem still persist.


I also found this bug reported to Ubuntu:


For reference, here is my nslcd.conf


uid nslcd

gid nslcd

idle_timelimit 180

bind_timelimit 25

uri ldaps://ds-pdc.domain.local/

uri ldaps://ds-pdc01.domain.local/

base dc=domain,dc=local

ldap_version 3

binddn CN=ldap,OU=Service Accounts,OU=IT,DC=domain,DC=local

bindpw .........

ssl on

tls_reqcert never

referrals no

nss_initgroups_ignoreusers ALLLOCAL

filter passwd (&(&(objectClass=person)(uidNumber=*)))

map    passwd uid              sAMAccountName

map    passwd homeDirectory    unixHomeDirectory

map    passwd gecos            displayName

filter shadow (&(&(objectClass=person)(uidNumber=*)))

map    shadow uid              sAMAccountName

map    shadow shadowLastChange pwdLastSet

filter group  (&(objectClass=group)(gidNumber=*))


I am not a developer, just a sys admin. Any help/direction you can provide is much appreciated.



Dustin Makepeace / DevOps Engineer

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