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Fwd: Openldap/authconfig authenticating multiple times

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Fwd: Openldap/authconfig authenticating multiple times


I had posted this on centos forum here but no help :(

Basic background:
3 openldap servers with multimaster replication and ppolicy pwdMaxFailure: 6.
When i try to authenticate to the linux box nslcd authenticates to all 3 master servers which return 3 failures, which give you 3 pwdFailureTime attributes for the account. So after typing the password incorrectly twice, the user get's locked out.

Trying to understand why this is happening.
When configured another clean box i dont see this behavior (one pwdFailureTime per incorrect password attempt). I've also reinstalled related packages but no change. The behavior is seen on all three master ldap servers.

Please see the link for details

Any input is appreciated.

thank you,

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