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very slow initialization after reboot

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very slow initialization after reboot

Dear NSLCD Support,

    After reboot, the first 'id <USER>' took about two minutes and then failed. Then all following 'id' command work fine. During the two minutes of waiting period, I tcpdump-ed the packets on both the LDAP client and LDAP server,  but didn't detect any packets until the first 'id' command failed.

    A detailed log is attached.


uid nslcd
gid nslcd
uri ldap://
base dc=mbni,dc=org
map    passwd homeDirectory    "/home$homeDirectory"
map    passwd loginShell    "/bin/bash"
filter    passwd (!(gidNumber=1107))


account    required
account    required
account    sufficient
account    sufficient uid < 1000 quiet
account    required #to enable pam_authz_search in nslcd.conf
account    sufficient
account    required

    What should I do to fix this delay?



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