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Requests block when ldap server is not available

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Requests block when ldap server is not available

Hi folks,

I'm pretty sure this is a simple problem to resolve and I'm wondering if 
someone can help.

We have a case of machines that travel to external events.

When the machines are in the office then everything runs fine, the machines and 
the ldap servers are on different subnets.

When the machines are away the and the nslcd service is running then commands 
like id for a local user with an uid below 1000 take several minutes to return.

stracing and tcpdumping the command shows that nslcd is trying to access the 
ldap server very frequently which will respond as it is not available. If we 
stop the nslcd service then the machine performs normally.

Does anyone know if there is a configuration setting that needs to be set of 

Thanks and kind regards,