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[nssldap] question about nssldap configuration

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[nssldap] question about nssldap configuration


Im using ubuntu 10.04 as server and want to authenticate ssh clients
against a ldap server. I need to get some account information from the
ldap server but also I want to do this:
  a)the homedir must be based on the user name.
  b) the uid must be based on the name of the user (a hash)

I dont want to change the schema of the ldap server.

There is a way to do this? In the /etc/ldap.conf I can put this:

nss_default_attribute_value homeDirectory  /home/xx

but, i dont know if this field XX can be depend on the user name. I
would like to do something like that:

nss_default_attribute_value homeDirectory /home/ldap/<ldap-user-name>

Is it possibly?

Best regards