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release 1.0 of python-pskc

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release 1.0 of python-pskc

Release 1.0 of python-pskc, a Python module for handling PSKC files,
has just been made available.

This release bumps the version number to 1.0 because a lot of external
dependencies have changed (although the API remains backwards
compatible) and to signify that it is quite stable and feature rich

This release fixes a few small issues, adds support for generating and
checking embedded XML signatures and tries to support more older PSKC
versions. The included pskc2csv script now has a manual page and a
--secret-encoding option was added along with the ability to specify
CSV file column headers.

This release includes also lots of internal changes that result in
changed external dependencies (use of cryptography instead of pycrypto)
and use of defusedxml when available.

More information can be found at:

If you have a PSKC file that is not correctly handled by this library,
please provide a sample file that demonstrates the issue and support
will be implemented on a best-effort basis. Patches for other issues
and features are also welcome.

-- arthur - - --
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