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release 0.3 of python-stdnum

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release 0.3 of python-stdnum

The third release (0.3) of python-stdnum has just been made available.
The following number formats were added:
  - ISMN (International Standard Music Number)
  - ISAN (International Standard Audiovisual Number)
  - IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity)
  - MEID (Mobile Equipment Identifier)
  - GRid (Global Release Identifier)

Furthermore, functionality for the following check digit algorithms was
  - the Verhoeff algorithm
  - the Luhn and Luhn mod N algorithms
  - some algorithms described in ISO/IEC 7064: Mod 11, 2, Mod 37, 2,
    Mod 97, 10, Mod 11, 10 and Mod 37, 36

Note that the ISO/IEC 7064 functions were not implemented using the ISO
text itself because the text is not available for free. These functions
were implemented based on information on the algorithms found online and
some reverse engineering. If anyone can provide a legal copy of the
ISO/IEC 7064 standard these functions can be validated and maybe

The software and related information can be found at:

Development of the library is still ongoing and contributions and
suggestions are more than welcome.

Any feedback is very much appreciated. Please direct questions,
comments, additions, suggestions, etc to the mailing list:

-- arthur - - --
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