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release 0.5 of python-stdnum

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release 0.5 of python-stdnum

Release 0.5 of python-stdnum has just been made available.

This release adds support for the EAN (International Article Number),
includes some refactoring of the ISBN and ISMN checks to use the EAN
check digit code and adds a conversion from ISSN to EAN (ISBN-13 and
ISMN-13 should already be an EAN).

This release should also work on Python3 with the same code base and
includes compatibility improvements for Python 2.5.

The software and related information can be found at:

Also, a trac instance has been set up with a wiki. Users are encouraged
to request new number formats through creating tickets:

Development of the library is still ongoing and contributions and
suggestions are more than welcome.

Any feedback is very much appreciated. Please direct questions,
comments, additions, suggestions, etc to the mailing list:
or use trac.

-- arthur - - --
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