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release 0.7 of python-stdnum

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release 0.7 of python-stdnum

Release 0.7 of python-stdnum has just been made available.

This release adds support for VAT number validation for The Netherlands,
Greece, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Latvia, Denmark, Luxembourg, Romania,
Italy, Cyprus, Austria, Portugal, Slovakia, Finland, Czech Republic,
Hungary, Ireland, Estonia, Lithuania, France, Malta, Poland, Slovenia,
Sweden, United Kingdom (and Isle of Man) and Bulgaria. Also a European
Union VAT number module was made to validate numbers in member states.

Also support for CNP (Cod Numeric Personal, Romanian Numerical Personal
Code), Onderwijsnummer (Dutch school number), HETU (Finnish personal
identity code) as provided by Jussi Judin, RČ (Rodné číslo, the Czech
and Slovak birth numbers), SIREN (a French company identification
number), DNI (Documento nacional de identidad, Spanish personal identity
codes), NIE (Número de Identificación de Extranjeros, Spanish foreigner
number), CIF (Certificado de Identificación Fiscal, Spanish company tax
number), EGN (ЕГН, Единен граждански номер, Bulgarian personal identity
codes), PNF (ЛНЧ, Личен номер на чужденец, Bulgarian number of a
foreigner), OIB (Osobni identifikacijski broj, Croatian identification
number), PPS No (Personal Public Service Number, Irish personal number)
and CPR (personnummer, the Danish citizen number) was added.

It also includes improvements to the tests, some internal code and
documentation improvements and includes API documentation generated with

The software and related information can be found at:

Also, a trac instance has been set up with a wiki. Users are encouraged
to request new number formats through creating tickets:

Development of the library is still ongoing and contributions and
suggestions are more than welcome.

Any feedback is very much appreciated. Please direct questions,
comments, additions, suggestions, etc to the mailing list:
or use trac.

-- arthur - - --
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