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release 1.8 of python-stdnum

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release 1.8 of python-stdnum

Release 1.8 of python-stdnum has been made available.

This release includes a number of new number formats (Dominican
Republic NCF, Euro banknote serial numbers, CAS RN, Indian Aadhaar and
Indian PAN). It also adds functions for using the Dominican Republic
DGII web service to validate and search for RNC and NCF numbers,
replaces stdnum.iso9362 with stdnum.bic and adds zeep as the preferred
SOAP library. This release also includes numerous improvements to the
test suite.

Development of the NCF format validation and DGII web service
validation was funded by iterativo |

The software and related information can be found at:

Development of the library is ongoing and contributions and suggestions
are more than welcome. Also, many thanks to the numerous contributions
that have already been made by many people.

Please direct questions, comments, additions, suggestions, etc to the
mailing list:
or use Github.

-- arthur - - --
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