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Validating U.S. state tax ID codes

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Validating U.S. state tax ID codes

The U.S. has SSN (personal) and TIN/EIN (company) tax ID's. I've found that at 
least one U.S. state has separate tax exempt ID's that they use for businesses.

California, USA tax number format:


where C is a letter and N is a number.

For validation purposes, ignore the leading letters and validate the number 
format only.

If number is 8 digits, use a leading 0 to create a 9-digit number:


Otherwise, it's a 9-digit number:

I'm looking into other state ID codes and see what format they're following.

I'm posting here since the Tryton dev's suggested number validation be done in 
python-stdnum and VAT is a euro-centric number.

- Ken Roberts
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