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tax identifiers romania

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tax identifiers romania


One of the two tax identifiers for romanian companies is missing.

I know this, as well as my accountant, however perhaps some justifying 
documents may be useful (romanian):

1. numărul de ordine din registrul comerţului -> This one is missing in stdnum.

2. codul unic de înregistrare fiscală (CUI): this is (sort of) ro_cf. I have 
some comments about this, but I will mention them after we solve the missing 

The missing identifier:

numărul de ordine din registrul comerţului
can be translated as:
order number from the commerce register

The linked page also describes the format:

where n is an incrementing integer for each registration, I have not seen this 
number go above 4 digits, but I guess it could be bigger depending on the 
number of registrations that year.
YYYY is the year.

for example: J52/750/2012 for my company
J= Juridical person
52 = the number for the county where my company is
750 = we were the 750'th company that changed or registered during 2012
2012 = the year when we changed some aspect of the company, could also be the 
registration year

The code is usually abreviated and looks really ugly: like nr. ord. onrc.
I guess the description should be the full description: order number from the 
commerce register

I am not sure what the best code would be, just ro_onrc.

Awaiting feedback!
After this is committed I have two more necessary changes.